:: Alkyd Resins .: Peikyd B69
Peikyd B69
Long oil alkyd resin based on special fatty acids
Principal Properties
- Excellent gloss/gloss retention
- Excellent wetting and dispensability
- Excellent flow and brush ability
- Outdoor durability
- High solids, high quality architectural paints
- Excellent medium for pigment dispersion
- As modifier could be blended with other Peik long
   and medium oil and thixotropic alkyd resins.
Product Data and Composition
- Oil   :  69%
- Type of oil :    special fatty acids
- Phtalic anhydride  :    21%
- Type of Polyol    :    Pentaerythritol
- Viscosity ( DIN 53211@20C, 60% in W.S)
    BL Type   :   50-70 Sec.
    BM Type  :  70-100 Sec.
- Acid Value :  Max.10
- Delivery form : 70% in W.S.
Stability and Storage
- Minimum 9 months from delivery ,subject to storage in
  covered and dry area, in unopened and original containers,
  at storage temperatures between 5-30 C.
- Exposure to sunshine should be avoided.
 - The submitted technical data maybe changed without prior notice.
 - Although the submitted information is believed to be reliable we can not assume any  responsibility for performance or the
      results obtained through the use of the  product herein described.
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